Continuous improvement for growth

Continuous improvement for growth

You launched a successful product. What’s next?

The good news is that you were able to generate growth, congratulations! The bad news is that usually the infrastructure of the business (tools/systems, processes, organization, and people/skills) lags behind, as your focus was rightfully on increasing the business.

How do you close the gap in your infrastructure to sustain the growth? 

Closing the Gap

Goal: market leadership

Your product is highly desirable and you probably achieved it with intensive work, acquiring IP, establishing new partnerships and sometimes mergers. Your goal now is to sustain that growth, and even find new paths to growth.   

  • Business Strategy
  • Regulations Requirements
  • Market Alignment
  • High Integrity Product Development

Gap: infrastructure

The daily work to generate growth is much faster for your infrastructure to catch up. You will usually face reliability, consistency, and certainty issues in quality, cost and delivery performance, that you will have to resolve to be able to sustain your growth, and to have a stable infrastructure to be ready for your next growth generation.

  • Tools/Systems: Information systems, quality management system (QMS), products development tools, product management tools
  • Processes: Best practices, standardization (ISO, CMMI), procedures
  • Organization: Change management, governing, structure
  • People/Skills: Training, knowledge management, support, culture

Action: continuous improvement

Improvement is an on-going journey. How do you set the objectives for the current needed improvements?

We look into four basic elements: tools/systems, organization, processes, people/skills, to assess and quantify the various functions of the business. Once we have the results, we can depict the current state.

  • Business Process Mapping
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Cross Functional Project Management Office (PMO) Initiatives Planning and Execution