Forward thinkers wanted.

Forward thinkers wanted.

We are a product design and development consultancy. We work with forward thinkers in the design and development of high-integrity products that holistically balance all aspects: functions, appearance, ease of use, and more.

Synthesis Is


Paths to growth

We work with teams on product vision and strategies, from incremental product improvements, to new growth opportunities, and anything in between. We research, brainstorm, design, build, test concepts, and refine.


Deliver high integrity products

We design for your objectives to deliver high integrity products. That is assuring that all product elements, as a whole, tangible and intangible, come together to make a desirable product whole.


Capabilities for growth

In the churn of execution, infrastructure often lags behind. We put in place tools and processes, and develop skills and organization that enable sustaining growth.

A few companies we’ve worked with

BMW Motorrad
Lenovo Mobile
Logitech UE
Corsair Gaming
Greenpeace China
JL Audio